Streamline Your Incident Response

Incident Management Application

Incident management is a critical aspect of any organization's safety and risk management strategy. An effective incident management system can help prevent incidents from occurring, minimize their impact, and enable quick and efficient response. Our incident management application is designed to streamline the incident reporting and response process, ensuring timely resolution and prevention of future incidents. With features like real-time incident reporting, incident tracking, and data analysis, our application empowers organizations to take a proactive approach to incident management. Whether you're dealing with minor incidents or major crises, our application is the solution you need to keep your organization safe and secure.

Key Benefits

Streamlined incident reporting

Our application allows for quick and easy incident reporting, ensuring all necessary details are captured for effective investigation.

Root cause analysis

Our software includes tools to identify and address the root cause of incidents, helping to prevent future occurrences.

Compliance management

Our software is designed to help organizations stay compliant with industry regulations, avoiding costly fines and reputational damage.

Enhanced incident investigation

Teams can conduct thorough investigations with access to all relevant information and the ability to assign and track tasks.

Real-time tracking and reporting

Our application provides real-time tracking and reporting on incident metrics and corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement.

Mobile capabilities

Our mobile app allows for remote incident reporting improving response time and efficiency.


Automated incident reporting

The application enables employees to quickly report incidents through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Root cause analysis

The application enables organizations to conduct thorough investigations to identify the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Customizable Forms and Workflows

EHSWatch Incident Management lets you create customized forms and workflows tailored to your organization's needs, streamlining the incident management process.

Integrated corrective actions

EHSWatch Incident Management integrates with other dules to enable seamless corrective actions management.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

The application provides real-time reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling you to monitor incident trends, identify root causes, and make data-driven decisions to improve safety.


EHSWatch Incident Management can manage incidents, accidents, and near-misses.

Yes, EHSWatch Incident Management integrates with other EHSQ modules to enable seamless corrective actions management.

Yes, EHSWatch Incident Management enables organizations to conduct thorough investigations to identify the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Yes, EHSWatch Incident Management is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface for employees to quickly report incidents.

Yes, the application is mobile-enabled, allowing users to access it from any device with internet connectivity.

Yes, the application is highly customizable, enabling organizations to create custom reports, workflows, and dashboards to meet their specific requirements.

By providing insights into incident trends and risk areas, organizations can take proactive measures to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

Yes, the application is designed to integrate with other software applications to streamline incident reporting and management processes.

We provide comprehensive support, including technical assistance, training, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

We use the latest security measures to protect data stored in the application, including encryption and access controls.